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Conrad Shaw
2 min readSep 12, 2019


UBI articles by me:

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An Intro to UBI in America

On the UBI Naysayers in the Establishment

On UBI as a Grassroots Movement in America

On Charlottesville, White Supremacy, and UBI

On Harvey Weinstein and the Power Dynamic

On Kevin Spacey and, Again, the Power Dynamic

On Resilience in the Face of Disaster

On the Procrastination to Make Necessary Changes Due to an Irrational, Subconscious Fear of Utopia

On the Actual Cost of UBI

On How We Should Be Thinking About Money

On How Philanthropy is Broken, but UBI Could Fix the Problem

On UBI vs the Federal Job Guarantee

On UBI and the Job Guarantee Just Getting Along Already

On How We Should Structure Our Government Around Human Needs, with UBI and Universal Healthcare at the Center

On Why Bernie Sanders Should Embrace UBI

Introducing a New Tool to Calculate your UBI!

An Open Letter to the Ultra-Wealthy on Fixing our Broken System Together

On the End of Andrew Yang’s Campaign and Next Steps for UBI

On Coronavirus and How UBI can Help us Weather Disasters

On How UBI Can Strengthen National Immunity

On How the UBI Movement Exploded so Fast and How it Can Keep Growing Until UBI is Passed Into Law

On Money as Our Most Perverse Form of Religious Shame and How to Fix It

On the New UBI App Rolling Out in 2021

On a Few of the Reasons for UBI, in the Form of a Poem

On Solidarity as Self-Preservation — a Musical Rumination

UBI articles by others:

On the Basics of Why UBI — Scott Santens

On How to Pay for UBI — Scott Santens

An Invaluable FAQ for All of Your UBI Questions — Scott Santens

On the Rich History of UBI — Karl Widerquist



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