From small academic gatherings discussing a politically-obscure economic justice policy to thousands in the streets demanding UBI as a human right in a few short years. (source)

NOTE: This article is an adaptation of a chapter, called “The Role of Media in the Basic Income Movement,” that I contributed to a textbook called Political Activisim and Basic Income Guarantee: International Experiences and Perspectives Past, Present, and Near Future (Palgrave MacMillan, 2020) which I based on a speech…

I’ve got some good news and some bad news. (source)

Hello America. You’re looking worse for wear.

I see that you’re experiencing symptoms of a pandemic. Please hop up on the exam table.

I’ll tell it to you straight. You’ve got it. You’re sick as a dog with this bug that’s been going around. Like every other country in the…


Andrew Yang is out of the Democratic primary race, so what’s next for universal basic income (UBI) in America? First, let’s talk about where and how his campaign ended. Let’s talk about New Hampshire.

The Granite State

I was there, driving from city to city, walking miles in the cold, knocking on the…

Conrad Shaw

Writer, UBI researcher (@theUBIguy), Actor, Filmmaker, Engineer

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